Sony Acquires OnLive Technology – IGN News

Sony Computer Entertainment has acquired the technology patents behind streaming service OnLive.

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  • MasterT2003 says:

    Onlive has been out for years. More user friendly for players than gaikai.
    It allowed you to play console games on mobile technology. Clap Clap Sony.
    This should of been your first takeover….

  • thomas jeff says:

    I completely forgotten about onlive. Remember seeing commercials for it a
    few years ago.

  • robskyy89 says:

    Didn’t they just buy gaikai for PlayStation now

  • Native Deen says:

    sony is only acquiring their assets so they can terminate it

  • alex nanton says:

    yayy now ps now(eventually) will start running at optimal resolution.. no
    more blurr

  • Rogue Warrior says:

    Sony is showing its power to all gaming industry, fear us xtwats your
    Toiletbox one doesn’t have cloud gaming like we do ,go cry to Microosft so
    they might add something new to toiletbox one

  • hazelamym says:

    this is why you don’t buy games on cloud services.

  • Placeb0 says:

    Future news, series of hacks on Sony Live technology ; Sony is closing down
    the onLive Technology. 

  • Sloan Weekes says:

    How many more generations do you guys think we have until we have strictly
    streaming consoles? (I think we’re two generations away.)

  • Brecondo "Paragon of the Internet" says:

    “Bu-but Sony is broke dough”
    It seems like Xtwats can’t catch a break.

  • Game Head says:

    So what does this mean?

  • wolverine says:

    Why do Sony need Gaikai and OnLive :/

  • BloodCroft says:

    Onlive never reached European shores.

  • Adam Ant says:

    noooooooooooo!!! first they took away gaikai, now they’re taking away
    onlive. Come on those are the best things ever. Gaikai revolutionized high
    fidelity browser based gaming and onlive boosted cloud gaming as a whole.
    All were free. And all sony wants to do is shut down the services and make
    it playstation only and subscription based. Man, stop sony! Just turn them
    into subsidiaries and let them run.

  • Duke says:

    Never heard of it before. What did they do?

  • greenman88 says:

    sony know consoles will soon just be a box that streams games

  • Neji Hyuga says:

    Hell no I still prefer physical media anyday.

  • Blood Dragon says:

    So OnLive had a good streaming technology? Better than Sonys?

  • Nick Ivic says:

    Scumbag sony buying onlive so they can terminate it

  • Alexander Antonopoulos says:

    Game streaming is rubbish. People should own their games..

  • David Esparza says:

    Hopefully they use this to update ps now and eventually create a better

  • manu wa says:

    It’s for technology and patents they may have needed so bad. Assets are
    probably next to nothing.

  • TheDavyStar says:

    First Gaikai now Onlive? It sucks! Ps Now doesn’t even offer any standalone
    purchase options!

  • TheDavyStar says:

    First Gaikai now Onlive? It sucks! Ps Now doesn’t even offer any standalone
    purchase options!

  • PepperBelly » Variety Gaming Channel says:

    If only Steve Perlman didn’t let his ego and pride get in the way of
    business, this could’ve been completely avoided a LONG time ago. From what
    I understand, Steve wanted to have EA games on his service (remember they
    were removed for some time) and to have them exclusively; he thought that
    was the case.

    But then along came Gaikai with EA games on their service… so, Steve
    flipped out, literally, said to have flipped a table in the back room of
    the OnLive booth at a games/software convention (forget which) in a rage at
    the news, and vowed to deny EA and their catalogue access to his service.
    This is essentially where the fall of OnLive started.