Sony Acquires OnLive Technology – IGN News

Sony Computer Entertainment has acquired the technology patents behind streaming service OnLive.

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  • TyrannyforSupper says:

    Maybe Playstation Now can work better. when i use onlive on my pc,
    streaming is smooth. On playstation now? sluggish as shit.

  • wazzuper11 says:

    no, i disagree with this opinion. i do not think they have acquired the

  • Mitch G. says:

    has there been any news of Microsoft making any attempt of trying to
    improve/add to what they already have?

  • dwp1slyfox says:

    I like what Sony is doing.

  • Thom Bengtsson says:

    I don’t get it. What did/will they do, exactly?

  • jbooggie6 says:

    I honestly believe this is a smart power move because playstation now has
    so much potential but it just isn’t quite there for me to pay what they’re
    asking for.

  • Joseph Grutt says:

    This move would make sense if Sony is planning on making a version of
    Onlive for the PS3 and PS4, then selling PC games for them (since they’d
    get a cut of the sales through Onlive). People could finally play
    Civilization 5 on their console.

  • Rohan Saini says:

    Lol Sony hahahah
    Xbox and PC are collating when windows 10 comes beat that …..

  • DBFReviews Alt Account says:

    I remember seeing a TV advertisement years ago for the “ON LIVE” streaming
    console and I thought it was going to be so much fun to have. I also
    thought it was going to tear down the Xbox 360 and stuff because I was like
    11 so this was around 6 years ago I believe. What I do know for certain is
    that it was shit! I hated everything about the damn thing and thought it
    was just awful. I think I played it twice and went right back to my Xbox.

  • Rohan Saini says:


  • Soviet Union says:

    I came here for the free candy 

  • zorkc495 says:

    Right patterns they just what to close down the competition

  • Емил Ефендулов says:

    It’s kind of sad tho. I always hoped that Onlive would finally reduce the
    ping and will take off. Oh well.

  • irishgal Ward says:

    OK since PS4 can stream games now, can we stream PC game’s to it like WOW?

  • Amazing Dr. Grant says:

    I would care about Onlive if GameSpy didn’t shut down. Mainly for
    Homefront. PC still has 32 player severs but it isn’t always busy 

  • RememberPluto says:

    Onlive was to ahead of it’s time. A company based solely on something the
    world of gaming wasn’t ready and still isn’t with no back up plan.

  • Bayoan Lopez says:

    wait, people use OnLive?

  • Jose Cruz says:

    Wait this can’t be true. The Xbots told me that Sony is too broke to afford

  • Ron K says:

    This is great for the playstation now service, but sucks as Onlive had some
    much potential when it first came out and it’s too bad it was never fully

  • Matt Something says:

    Is Sony squashing onlive or adopting tech? I thought the amazing power of
    gaikai was supposed the handle all this. Makes one wonder…

  • Someone Behind A Computer says:

    So now they own Gaikai and Onlive.

  • CJ99 W says:

    This is very common in the corporate world, eliminating competition along
    with acquiring a competitors customer base. Possibly sony may also aquire
    the software to stream over their own services as well.

  • Veer Pal says:

    i’m not a fanboy but this was a really smart move by sony