Awesome Top New Technology Cool Gadgets and Inventions 2015

My new video of all the top new inventions, awesome cool gadgets and amazing technology in 2015. Many of the creative high tech inventions and gadgets shown in this new video are available today.
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Enjoy this collection of the latest tech for around the home that includes many futuristic looking items.
This video included iPhone gadgets, household inventions, pet gadgets, wearable gadgets, high tech devices, and many of the top new greatest inventions around.

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  • Harry Blowfish says:

    I’ll pass those on to my friends at the Shark Tank. They could use a good

  • Carlo Cummaudo says:
  • WPS/KIDS says:

    Really cool video. Tehchnology loves to evolve and expand its advance

  • Gwendell Parsons says:

    which one(s) would you like?

  • Globe Gadget says:

    How would the night vision contacts even work? Anyone got anything on

  • Joey Gorr says:

    I wish I had the force field umbrella you would look like a wizard with
    that thing 

  • Marc Balintag says:

    flask sandals, yum! Id love some sand and mud in my drinks.

  • Droner says:

    where whould i get the virtual keyboard cube

  • Sushil Balakrishana says:
  • Crimson Clerity says:

    Awesome Top New Technology Cool Gadgets and Inven…:

  • lee stevens says:

    The iphone projector sounds cool if it works, and it had some sort of
    angled stand, and came with something to project on to, that could stick on
    a wall, and had speakers attached, it would be decent for movies. Tv’s
    could be no more, I mean I already use my iphone for movies anyway, and
    don’t watch tv, but it would be even better if the videos were projected

    You could even take it further, and connect a joy pad, and play games, so
    you wouldn’t even need a games console, or computer either, unless you
    create music, or edit videos, it would be awesome.

    I’m not sure how you would get the angle right, maybe a drop stand from the
    roof, but if they could get all that right, and it wasn’t too expensive I
    would definitely buy one. I imagine it could be cheaper than buying a tv,
    computer, and games console separate, if it were that would be really cool.

    Or maybe they could just fuse computer, and games console technology with a
    projector that you could link your phone to if need be. I’m not sure if
    that’s possible, but if it were that would be cool.

  • Lovster1989 says:


  • Jean Scroggins says:

    Make an iPhone that will survive and accidental trip in the washing
    machine, and the world will beat a path to your door!

  • Max Power says:

    At “flask sandals” I lost all my hopes in progress.

  • John jsmit says:

    sun glasses that double up as night vision would be an awesome gadget

  • clampfan101 says:

    Some look cool! Some look interesting. Some look… wierd. ^^;

  • Edward Smith says:
  • Levi Ackerman says:

    space exploration should be our new interests. we can’t just keep hogging
    up organic resources here on earth. who knows there are more shit we can
    acquire beyond earth.

  • Lockit Digital Safe says:

    #Awesome Top New #Technology Cool Gadgets and Inventions #2015


    I need the bed fan and polos pillow

  • Sunny Tso says:

    Awesome Top New Technology Cool Gadgets and Inven…:

  • understandLife98 says:

    “Unhappy: People look around and think, why are there so many people that
    are unhappy? We have progressed so far, yet people are still unhappy. Why
    isn’t this world the wonderful place it could be? Changing the world
    doesn’t change us.”
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    “The Present” if you are interested in changing yourself.

  • sance shaji says:


  • larry morgan says:

    I watch the ad so u can make money say thank you lol